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I am the old Roxy demolished...

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153 West 50th Street at 7th Avenue, manhattan, ny

I am the old Roxy demolished Gone but not forgotten by Those who want to shed a tear Create a requiem, eulogize my glorious past I was New York's claim to fame for the ornate I had class, I had pizzazz, I was adorned in gold A Mecca for the up and coming, and not so up and coming I was a movie palace grander than a fairy castle Where one could come and join the heroes on the screen Get lost in all the grandeur of a dream Make believe and yet believe You the young ones don't even know me A victim of progress and greed -Roslyn Bresnick-Perry

Credits: For the 2006 People's Poetry Gathering, City Lore and the Bowery Poetry Club invited New Yorkers to take on the personas of their favorite New York City places.