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Columbus Avenue

I was born in January 1921, in Medias, Romania. My father emigrated to the US in December 1920, so I never met him until I was six years old, when I arrived on a ship in Rhode Island. In order to enter the U.S. I was told I would have to kiss a strange man who was my father and who I had never seen. He gave me a doll and we drove to New Brunswick, New Jersey. During the time that my parents were separated, he lived with a family and saved his money so that he could send it to my mother and me and my siblings. Finally the money added up to our crossing the Atlantic and we all lived with the family who had taken in our Father. We then moved to a railroad flat which my mother disliked intensely, and then we found another residence on top of a bowling alley/bar, where I lived until I got married. This was during the Depression and life was hard.

Credits: My daughter, Sidni