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United Nations of Midwood Street

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179 Midwood St, Brooklyn, NY 11225

I grew up in a neighborhood that had recently changed from white middle class to mixed race during the "White Flight" to Long Island and other locales. My father had grown up on this block and did not want to move away, which I believe was one of the best decisions he ever made.
While growing up here, I met many people of all colors and had a sense of family that still exists on this block today. When our house burned down in 1969, neighbors contributed housing, clothes and other items for our well being and truly reflected the best of NY.
As we used to sit around and reflect on our lives, I recall some intense discussions with black friends relating to race relations. One of the best of them, Mark Evans, said "Hey man, we live on the United Nations of Midwood Street", and that everything would work out.
I have never forgotten that sentiment to this day.

Credits: All of the people who helped the Conyers family during our brief exodus from 179 Midwood Street in 1969.