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I am Sydenham Hospital...

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Morningside Ave & W 124th St, New York, NY 10027

I am Sydenham Hospital
first integrated staff gateways
above ground natal-charted births
in Mothership Harlem West
their saints played last gasp's first breath
hallway wards of arranged flowery for
obits and births Baptist moans of mirth
records of Harlem arrival's departure
on cue
second line saints march in and out
without about face looks for
the light tripped fantastic past
uptown's Countee Cullen lyric path
WC Handy's soundtrack a renaissance pall o'er
the saints march in and out
slyde style about whose grand funeral
whose Potter's Field birthings
made the papers today

-Keith Roach

Credits: For the 2006 People's Poetry Gathering, City Lore and the Bowery Poetry Club invited New Yorkers to take on the personas of their favorite New York City places. The following is one of the results...