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Under the Sink & Through the Wall

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68 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

I moved into an apartment in Williamsburg a few months ago. It's my first New York place, so I expected it to have some problems. There's no sink in the bathroom. There are no counters in the kitchen. There's a huge hole in the wall in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. There are several doorways without doors, and one of the doors to the hallway is sealed shut. Sometimes we have hot water, sometimes we don't. But the other night we discovered a "feature" of our new home that managed to surprise us. While on a visit to the neighbor's across the hall, I looked under his kitchen sink and noticed he also had a huge hole there. I wondered aloud if you could see across into our apartment, and ran back across the hall to check. Sure enough, I could see him and my girlfriend peering through - I snapped the accompanying picture. A week or so after our discovery I tried contacting our neighbor by opening the cupboard and yelling his name into it. He came right over.

Credits: Photography by Jedediah Baker, Esq.