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Homeless Philosopher Tony Butler

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Surf Ave & Stillwell Ave Brooklyn NY 11224 USA

"The whole world is my home. That's the way I look at it. The beautiful thing is that I don't have to worry about no freakin' landlord evicting me anytime he gets ready. The only way I get evicted from this world is when I die." Anthony "Tony" Butler who spent the last decade of his life living in the subways, was appreciated by those who knew him as a wonderful human being and a great New York City character. Born on April 19, 1950, he died at the age of 53 at St. Vincent's Hospital on March 4, 2004. This piece was recorded at the Stillwell avenue subway station on Coney Island, where Tony Hung out and watched television through the window of the Transit Authority rec room on the day before it closed for renovations.

Credits: Interview of Tony Butler conducted by Steve Zeitlin for “The Next Big Thing" on WNYC. First broadcast on October 26, 2002. Produced by Steve Zeitlin and Curtis Fox. Photo by Peter Bontales. (8:23)