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Among the Ruins

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Brooklyn, NY, USA

Wasserman's documentary, "Brooklyn: Among the Ruins" introduces audiences to Brooklyn born and bred Paul Kronenberg. Paul is a 60 year-old subway buff who built a life-size replica of a 1930s motorman's subway cab in his tiny bedroom in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Paul, a former math tutor and delivery truck driver, describes himself as a classic underachiever. But Paul has his own worldview that is reflected in his apartment and in his relationship with the city. Paul takes the film maker on a journey around New York City to note down, as Franz Kafka once wrote, 'what he sees among the ruins.' In this scene, Paul Kronenberg visits one of his favorite subway stations, Chambers Street. He revels in its run down state because, in his mind, it mirrors the human condition.

Credits: From the documentary "Brookyn: Among the Ruins," produced by Suzanne Wasserman, Director of the Gotham Center for New York City History at the City University of New York, Graduate Center ( (1:17)