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Perico ripiao

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186 N. 6th St, Brooklyn, NY

Interview with musician José Matías and his wife Ana. The interview was recorded in the cellar of a bodega owned by their friend Felo, where they go to have parties and rehearse his band, José Matías y su Banda Típica. José plays a type of merengue (which is from the Dominican Republic) music called perico ripiao, which is a more traditional form than what is heard on the radio. José and Ana tell a story about the meaning of "perico ripiao" and it roles in how they first met. The song José plays at the end of the piece is about the former leader of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo. It is entitled "Padre San Cristobal" after the town where Trujillo was born.

Credits: Interview by Maribel Lizardo and Elena Martinez. Video by Linda Lewitt. Editing by Anina Hewey. (5:41)